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Please be sure to visit our recently launched blog "On Second Consideration..." to stay current on all the latest news from the House Archives. In addition to articles, fun facts, and historical profiles, be sure to stay tuned to learn preservation tips and basic archiving principles.

Recent Blogs

Member Feature: Harry Watson
Image Courtesy of The Pittsburgh Press May 10, 1914, Page 7. Harry Watson was born in Indiana County, Pennsylvania on February 20 th , 1846.   The son of Thomas and Rebecca Patterson Wilson, Harry was well respected by citizens of Greenville, Pennsylvania.   People of the community said, that he “fought his way, with Scotch-Irish persistency and keenness , to the firm footing of one the most prosperous and honored citizens of the community.” [1]   Watson’s Scottish-Irish backgrou...
Gwilym Price: Westinghouse Powerhouse
Price on the cover of TIME, March 2, 1953 Gwilym Alexander Price appeared on the cover of TIME Magazine on March 2, 1953 for his work with Westinghouse Electric Corporation, more specifically for his work with atomic energy. The House Archives recently acquired a copy of these rare issue. Before Price worked with the Corporation, he was a Member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for the 1923 term representing Allegheny County. Born on June 20, 1895 in Canonsburg, Washington County, P...
Meet Martavis Washington
Martavis Washington is our fall intern in the House Archives. Read below to get to know Martavis! Where do you attend school and what is your area of study? Shippensburg University; BA History, currently working on Master’s Degree in Applied History . What are you career goals/interests?  First and foremost is to obtain a job in the field of history; dream job is to write history books for kids, find creative ways to engage youth with history. Fun facts/hobbies? I love to cook, lift weight...
Presidential ties to the House
During biographical research, the House Archives staff stumbled upon a unique tie of Abraham Lincoln to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Former Representative Amos T. Bisel wrote a letter to Lincoln on January 23, 1861, showing his support of Simon Cameron to the Presidential Cabinet. While Bisel wrote that Cameron would be suited as Secretary of Treasury, Lincoln ultimately nominated Cameron for Secretary of War, even though he wanted Treasury. What’s even more fascinating is that Bi...
Oddities of the Archives: A Digital Exhibit
The artifacts featured here are just a few that demonstrate the wide variety within the collections and objects. The captions on the pictures are the descriptions from our most recent exhibit in the Capitol Rotunda "Oddities of the Archives". Enjoy this smaller digital version of our recent exhibit.   "Oddities of the Archives" exhibit, Capitol Rotunda summer 2019 The House Archives houses numerous donations from former members and the Archives are custodians of more than just paper c...